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Dr. Nedilskyj is a licensed psychologist in the state of California (PSY #24574). While she enjoys working with a variety of issues and concerns, some of her specialty areas include trauma, interpersonal relationships and communication, identity development, and whole person care. She works primarily with transition-aged individuals ages 18-25, as well as with young adults (26-40) struggling with different phases of life (i.e, becoming a new parent, loss or change in job or relationship, arising health issues). Dr. Nedilskyj also believes in the importance of providing a gender-affirming environment for young adults wishing to explore their gender identity, or for those who are in the beginning stages of transitioning. 


As a bilingual (Spanish speaking) and bicultural therapist, Dr. Nedilskyj believes that being  culturally informed is a critical component for respectful and effective treatment. As a daughter of immigrants herself, she is committed to connecting with the minority community by working with other daughters and sons of immigrants, helping them explore their own unique identities and intersectionalities, and helping break the stigma of mental health within their own culture. 


While Dr. Nedilskyj  uses an integrative, evidence-based approach to help individuals reach their goals, she prioritizes your needs and tailors  treatment in a way that’s based on your unique strengths. Strong evidence and research supports the idea that by creating a safe and supportive environment, clients are able to explore options, learn practical tools, and emerge from the transition with new skills, insights and personal strength. Each one of you is unique and as such, deserves compassion and understanding. She uses both traditional talk therapy modalities that are trauma-informed, and also somatic (body-based) therapies to support people in creating meaningful lives that reflect their values. She is a certified Brainspotting therapist, which is considered to be a fast and efficacious treatment for optimal results. Brainspotting focuses on learning how to regulate our nervous system and listen to our own body’s inner wisdom.  Click here to learn more about Brainspotting.

Dr. Nedilskyj obtained her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Pediatric Psychology from Loma Linda University. She also completed an APA accredited two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Childrens' Hospital Los Angeles, Division of Adolescent Medicine, which means she has specialty training and experience in working with young adults. In her twelve plus years of practice, she has had the pleasure of sharing her experience and knowledge across different roles including staff psychologist and clinical supervisor for a mental health clinic, and by serving as adjunct faculty for Pepperdine University’s Aliento Program (their Masters program which emphasizes training in working with the Latinx community). Dr. Nedilskyj is currently serves on the Board of the California Latinx Psychological Association as newsletter co-editor,

and is clinical supervisor to Marriage and Family Therapy trainees at Pepperdine University Community Counseling Clinic.  She has

maintained a private practice since 2013 and has enjoyed serving the Southern California region, mainly Long Beach and its neighboring

cities. During her free time, Dr. Nedilskyj loves to explore new  places

and cultures, play the piano, read, and spend time both at home and outdoors with friends and family. 

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